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Does size matter?

The average penis size

As with human faces, human feet sizes, human noses and human heights, there are large degrees of variation in penis sizes from man to man. The average length of a man's penis is between 5" and 6" (5.35" according to a study published in the December 2000 International Journal of Impotence Research, and 5.9" in a study by LifeStyles Condoms).

The Lifestyles Condoms survery of penis size has the bigger sample size, and all the sample were students. The standard deviation of the measurement was 0.8". Statistically, assuming that penis size is normally distributed, 95% of all men have a penis size that lies within the range of 4.3" to 7.5".


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How should the penis be measured?

To help eliminate error in the measurement, the penis should be measured when erect on a number of different occasions. The average of all the measurements should be used to provide the most accurate result. The penis should be held horizontally and its length should be measured along the top, from the base to the tip. Results are less accurate if taken along the underside (where does the penis start) or if sitting down. It goes without saying that it is important that the penis be completely erect when the measurement is taken. This can be difficult, because it may be difficult for a man to become fully aroused in a doctor's surgery (just hand him some porn!). Self reported measurements, understandably, tend to be somewhat on the large size.

So, does size matter?

Women often say that size doesn't matter. I'm a women (yes, really) and to be honest I don't think it matters to me. However, I have not had very many sexual partners, and my current one has been the same for the past twenty odd years so if sex felt different with a differently sized penis, I don't remember. I think there is a lot more to good sex technique than the size of the man's penis. The majority of women will not orgasm through sexual intercourse alone, and require manual stimulation of the clitoris. I doubt a larger penis is more efficient at stimulating a clitoris, although a wider penis may stimulate a G-spot more effectively in those women who claim to have one (I don't, and no, I don't intend to have it injected with collagen. My clitoris does a great job, thanks!).

However, men don't really believe what women (well, this woman) say. In a recent online poll, 47% of respondents believed that the size of a man's penis affected his ability to satisfy woman sexually, with only 14% saying that it made "no difference at all". Sadly, it is unclear of how many people who responded to the survey were male and how many were female. So I will shortly be adding a survey to this site and we will see what the results are!

Reported in Psychology Today November/December 1994 issue was a survey of 1500 male and female magazine readers. Those females who responded, who considered themselves to be "financially independent and physically attractive" said that the appearance of their male partner was very important. However, a small but significant minority said that penis size, including both length and girth, were more important than how good looking the man was.

The survey also showed that men believe that their physical attributes affect deeply how attractive they are to women. In general, men appear to be concerned about all their physical features including everything from their hair, to the size of their bottoms, to the size of their penises.

The survey's results also suggested that men believe women to be more concerned with a man's appearance than they actually are. This is probably because a woman's appearance is of great importance to a man, especially when he is meeting someone new. Most of the men I know place a great deal of emphasis on a woman being slim - they don't want to be seen out with a "fat bird".

Whether we like to acknowledge the fact or not, size does matter. And it doesn't matter whether we are talking about the size of a man's penis, or the size of a woman's bottom. Physical attributes are given importance that they probably don't merit. So whilst women may aspire to have noses like Nicole Kidman and be as slim as Victoria Beckham (well, maybe not quite that slim), men will aspire to have larger penises.

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