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What is a Penis Enlargement Pump

A penis enlargement pump generally consists of a cylinder that fits over the penis, that is attached to a pump. The air surrounding the penis is pumped out to create a vacuum. This creates a "sucking" effect on the penis causing blood to be drawn into it. It is important to get the correct level of pressure as too great a vacuum can damage the blood vessels inside the penis.

What are they used for?

In cases of erectile dysfunction, they can help provide an erection so that intercourse can take place. Various compression devices, eg cock rings, can be attached to the end of the penis to maintain the erection (preventing the blood from flowing back out of the penis into the rest of the body.) It is generally inadvisable, however, to maintain the erection in this way for longer than half an hour.

It is important to carefully read the instructions before using such a device to ensure that you use it safely.

Some men also use them as masturbation aids. Many devices come complete with vibrating bullets to enhance the masturbatory effect. Penis enlargement pumps are are often promoted as penis enlargers, but the effect is usually temporary - they can help with erectile dysfunction but size gains will be lost once the erection has subsided. It is unlikely that they will permanently increase penis size. However, those devices that employ traction to increase penis size (in a similar manner to the Jes Extender are more likely to produce permanent gains, so long as they are used religiously. ("Religiously" was perhaps not the best choice of word!)

Where to buy

Anyone for Sex

Anyone for sex have an extensive range priced from £13 to £175. The device pictured is the Andro Penis Extender, which is not really a pump but uses traction in a similar way to the Jes Extender.

Love Honey

penis enlargement pumpLove Honey have a huge range of pumps and traction devices spanning 4 pages.

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